In Yon Woods Beyond Olde Bridge

! ! !    EXTRA EXPLANATION   ! ! !


My first excursion into this wooden area was in 2004. At the time, I had a small camera, more like a web-cam really, which I used to capture my explorations.  It was something shy of 1.5 mega pixels and certainly left a lot to be desired for copying, printing or sharing.


In 2006, I found myself back in the same area in Old Bridge. Not only had my actual photographic equipment improved, but so had my own skills at capturing images.  I had also gained a better appreciation of documenting how I viewed my surroundings while exploring.


I continued my visual recording of all my excursions over the years but was never able to develop a concept of how to describe those wooded Old Bridge adventures.  Plus, there was a stark difference in the quality of photos from the two explorations. Any time I attempted to improve the quality of the small pixel photos from my first session, I had to use so many editing techniques the resulting images were almost unrecognizable from the originals.  Still, every viewing of the combined Old Bridge photos brought back the initial excitement I found from those hikes.


Eventually, I chose to embrace the filters, tones and coloring techniques used to make that first set of photos ‘presentable’, using the same method to embellish all my shots from those two sessions. After that, the concept presentation and narrative came easily.


Now, over a decade later, I share with the eagerly awaiting world my tinged trek In Yon Woods Beyond Olde Bridge.


Nick Beef