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A large majority of my images come from cemeteries I visit in that hidden gem next door known as The Garden State. This is primarily due to my vast vocational visits to New Jersey, but it is also because of the initial support I received from The Editors of Weird New Jersey Magazine.


Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran, Founders et Publishers Extraordinaire, encouraged my documenting of all things strange.  They were amongst the first to experience my early creations of The DieKu. It was their dedication to publishing all things authentic and unedited that served as my guideline for every image I captured over the years, be it in an abandoned building, forlorn bone yard or simply snapping a shot of a silly sign spotted in Spotswood. Captions and comments can enhance a photo, of course, but they showed me that if the image itself is true, its meaning will be conveyed without embellishment.


Due to formatting restrictions in publishing a DieKu, I never submitted the few I had that were composed entirely from tombstones in New Jersey. Now, in the dozen years I’ve been making these morbid morsels, I am able to proudly assemble a collection of All New Jersey DieKus here on my own little page!


The following DieKus may never grace the pages of Weird New Jersey due to adult-themed topics, the inherent snarky attitude which often surfaces in my work and the physical constraints inherent in publishing a DieKu that eats up at least a half page in any format. Still, I want to share these unique single-state compositions from my favorite weird territory.


Merci, Monsieurs Mark et Mark …



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